Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dragon Momoko MG Destiny Gundam

Dragon Momoko MG Destiny
Third Party Gundam

OMG! Um this kit... If you are a fan of model building and the look of the Gundam Destiny, GET THIS KIT. But only after you have some time and experience first.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Custom Real Grade GB01fB

Custom Real Grade GB01fB

I happen to find a box in my closest that I had pretty much an extra RG GP01Fb kit in. Though, about half of him was missing, used for parts on another RG GP. So, after looking at it for awhile I decided to make something of it. The whole internal frame was there so why not.

Also to add; where I work, be only see the finished kits. They have no idea what really is going on INSIDE the kit. That, for some, there is an entire in works involved. A whole skeleton if you will IN there. Just like a living creature.

So with that, here he is... With some added mods to help "fill out" some areas.

Thanks for looking! :)

Real Grade Custom

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

HG Bearguy


Bandai HG Bear Guy

I was looking at the wall of gundam model kits at my local hobby store and this one spoke to me. I wanted something that was a little different than the normal robot/mech. This guy fit right in. Especially when I saw that you can make rage out. What can I say... it's fun to make something cute rage :D

Gundam Astray Gold Frame Custom

Hello there! Here is a my custom painted MG Gundam Astray Gold Frame. I used a Bandai Master Grade Astray Red Frame Gundam and just added on some weapon holders and swapped out the swords. I was going for more of a sleek and faster look. With a touch of elegance. The decals are aftermarket waterslides found online. This is one of the newer customs that I've done and the first to start from the frame on up. Also still getting used to waterslides along with top coating. Have to say, I REALLY like how he turned out. All hand painted and using acrylic paints. Last pic is a comparison.

Gundam Astray Gold Frame Custom


Ok, my desk at work is covered in Transformers and Gundam. Well, mostly Gundam at the moment. So there is a lot of war machines about. But you know, it's good to have the one cute thing in there. Something to stand out from the mean looking robots. And that would be... THIS GUY!!

Panda guy

Bandai seem to cranking (milking?) out these little guys in all the colors of the rainbow lately. And then they made a panda. Just had to have him.